May Day Celebrations

by Sinta Panyam


In celebrating the International Labour Day (or May Day) this year, a number of Saphan Siang Youth Ambassadors were engaged with their host organisations in promoting labour rights. Among other Youth Ambassadors, Kanokwan Mungkalasawat (Fai) and Boonnian Na Thalang (Mai) assisted MAP Foundation in organising an event called  “May Day Migrant Labour Conference: Proper Social Welfare for Work”, and marched alongside migrant workers to hand a petition letter to the provincial governor. The letter outlined an appeal for the Thai government to ratify the ILO Convention 87 and 98, along with other calls for rights protection:revoking repatriation funds, ensuring minimum wage, and providing equal rights to migrant workers. Nattawuth Rappayoon (Sun) and Wanchana Waree (Joe), joined Raks Thai Foundation in organising a training workshop to educate migrant workers on health protection and gave a presentation on the significance of Labour Day.  The session also included a training which aimed to raise awareness on basic rights and build confidence among these migrant workers in the hope that they will be more active in their community To see more, click here!

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